Sunday Highlights of June 9, 2019

ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                    June 9, 2019

PENTECOST SUNDAY: Today is Pentecost Sunday. This celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit 50 days after Easter. Pentecost is the birthday of the Christian church.


CHURCH PICNIC / SUNDAY SCHOOL GRADUATION:  Today is the Sunday School Closing Ceremony. We would like to thank our Teachers, Sunday School Superintendent – Janet Ciravolo, and Christian Ed Minister – Serene Samuel, for all their hard work and dedication in teaching our youth. The service will be followed by a time of fellowship at the annual Church Picnic. All are invited. We would like to thank all who helped with the picnic and to our cooks. It is appreciated if everyone can help after the picnic with the clean-up.



Our church is in need of repairs. Please pray about this, and help with the transformation of the church. As God speaks to your heart, if you have not filled out a pledge form and would like to do so – please fill out a pledge form for your donation and place it in the offering plate.   (forms and envelopes are on front table).


MERCY DONATIONS:  Please remember that everyone can work together, both adults and children, to help the needy with your donation in the boxes located at both entrances.


DAILY PRAYER TIME & BIBLE READING TIME:  The Prayer Time is at 9pm.  Everyone can be in prayer together. Praying together, we are strengthened and blessed. The Bible is one of our greatest sources of spiritual food; try to read your Bible daily.