Sunday Highlights of December 25, 2022

Announcements                                                                                December 25, 2022


On this Christmas Day,

let us remember and rejoice because Jesus Christ was born.


SUNDAY SERVICE:  Our Sunday Worship Services are held in-person and also online via zoom.

Zoom info: Meeting ID: 833 3789 8077 | Passcode: 13579


TITHES & OFFERING:  Please devote yourself to giving in FOUR ways:

1)On-line: through PayPal. This can be found on

2) Venmo: search for @woodbridge, select “Pay or Request,” and enter offering amount.

3) Check: place in offering plate or send to Woodbridge UMC via mail.

4) Cash: place offering envelope in offering plate or in mail slot at parking lot side door.

2023 PRAYER REQUEST ORNAMENT: If you have not filled out a Prayer Request Ornament for 2023, please be sure to fill one out or email your “Prayer Requests for 2023” to the office as will be having the “Blessing of the Requests.”


2023 OFFERING ENVELOPES and CALENDARS:  The 2023 Offering Envelopes are on the table. Please be sure to take them home, or stop by and pick them up. Church Calendars are also available.


CHRISTMAS THANK YOU:  Rev. Lee and family would like to thank everyone for their Christmas cards, and gift from the congregation. They would like to take this time to wish everyone a very “Happy and Healthy New Year.”

STEWARDSHIP PLEDGE CARD: If you have not submitted your Pledge Card, please be sure that you put your pledge card in the pledge card box placed on the small table at the entrance door until the end of this year.

WINDOW FUND: Thank you for your payment pledges that have been made. Please remember to continue to make your Window Fund pledge payments.

FOOD PANTRY:  Prayer Group and church will give a donation each month to help those in need during these difficult times to St. James Food Pantry. You can help, please give a donation with your on-line offering, and designate it as “Food Pantry,” or send it to the office.


Congratulations on anyone who has been reading with the Bible Reading Club for 2022.You will have completed the bible this week.

– Beginning January 2023 we will be having a Bible Reading Club again, no classes are necessary, you commit to reading the bible daily and will complete the bible in the year.

– Please pray about finding the time to share with God. Each week reading schedule will be listed in announcements.

ALTAR FLOWERS: This is a special way to honor or remember a loved one. Cost is $25. Sign-up sheet in hallway or call the office. Any questions, please see Janet Ciravolo.