Sunday Highlights of June 5, 2022


ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                                     June 5, 2022

SUNDAY SERVICE:  Sunday Worship Service is held in-person and online via zoom.

~ Zoom info: Meeting ID: 833 3789 8077 | Passcode: 13579

~ Dial by your location: 1-646-558-8656, (Meeting ID: 833 3789 8077# & just put # again)

~ Fellowship Time after service today

~Next Sunday, June 12, Connection Group Fellowship during fellowship time.



TITHES & OFFERING: Please devote yourself to giving in FOUR ways:

1) On-line: through PayPal. This can be found on

You can pay by your credit cards after opening PayPal on the website

2) Venmo: search for @woodbridge

– select “Pay or Request” – enter offering amount    – enter “what’s it for” & select “Pay”

3) Check: send to Woodbridge UMC via mail

4) Cash: insert your offering envelope in the mail slot at the parking lot side door.


SANCTUARY RENOVATION: Sanctuary renovations have begun. Sunday Service will be held at Fellowship Hall until renovations are completed. Thank you to everyone for their help with moving items from the sanctuary.


ASIAN AMERICAN SUNDAY:  Today the United Methodists are celebrating the rich heritage of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders that are a vital part of our church.


CHURCH PICNIC will be held on Father’s Day Sunday, June 19, at the church’s courtyard.


REBUILDING OF METHODIST CHURCH IN SRI LANKA: Saroja Benjamin’s grandfather’s Methodist church in Sri Lanka is deteriorated and needs to be rebuilt. The Benjamin family donated to pay for the entire construction in memory of their grandparents and family. In a ceremony on May 16 the foundation stone was laid for a new church.


CONGRATULATIONS: Seonwoo will be married to Hayoung on June 6, and they will return to New Jersey on July 4.


CHURCH BAND: Seonwoo would like to start a church band from August or September.

If you have any musical talent to sing and play a musical instrument (drum, guitar, keyboard, etc.) and would like to be part of the church band, please contact the church office.


BIBLE READING CLUB: If you would like to be part of the Bible Reading Club and commit to reading the bible daily, please follow the schedule that is listed in announcements.


FOOD PANTRY:  Prayer Group and church will give a donation each month to help those in need during these difficult times to St. James Food Pantry. You can help, please give a donation with your on-line offering, and designate it as “Food Pantry,” or send it to the office.

~A letter was received to thank WUMC for their $220 donation.