Sunday Highlights of November 24, 2019

 ANNOUNCEMENTS                                               November 24, 2019


THANKSGIVING SERVICE & LUNCHEON: today is Thanksgiving Sunday.

– It is a time to be thankful and not focus on what you do not have, but remember to thank God for what you do have, and for the blessings He gives us each and every day.

– There are so many things to be thankful for, things seen and unseen that God has done in our life. Please think about the many things that you are thankful for and fill out the insert during the offering time, and use this for your own Thanksgiving dinner so everyone can share what they are thankful for.

– The service is followed by our Thanksgiving Luncheon, all are invited to attend. Thank you to all who helped with the food, donations, setup or cleanup.


VOLUNTEER DAY: Cleaning Up & Christmas Decorating:  To prepare for Christmas, the winter cleanup, and the decorating of the Sanctuary will be on Saturday, Nov. 30, at 10am. Please come and help. Youth are also encouraged to come and help.


ADVENT:  Next Sunday, Dec. 1, is the First Sunday of Advent. Each Sunday in Advent we will light a different candle to prepare us for the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas.


CHRISTMAS CHORAL ENSEMBLE: Please join the Chorus for youth and adults to make a joyful noise unto the Lord this Christmas. Rehearsal will be today after fellowship.


MERCY DONATIONS:  Please remember that everyone can work together, both adults and children, to help the needy with your donation in the boxes located at both entrances.



Everyone can be in prayer together. Praying together, we are strengthened and blessed. The Bible is one of our greatest sources of spiritual food; try to read your Bible daily.