Sunday Highlights of December 24, 2023


ANNOUNCEMENTS                                       _                       _______________              December 24, 2023

There will be NO Fellowship time today, 12/24, and next Sunday, 12/31.

• Sunday, Dec. 24 Today is the Fourth Sunday of Advent, today we lit the Candle of Peace, tonight we will light the Christ Candle as we continue on our Christmas journey.
Today was our first Longest Night Healing Service with anointing of oil and laying on of hands, with guest musician Rev. Frederick Boyle with the Visiting Harp. We would like to thank Rev. Boyle for being with us today and providing meditative music with the harp.
• Tonight, Sunday, Dec. 24 –@ 5 pm Service – Please be sure to join us tonight for the
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service!

ST. JAMES FOOD PANTRY: Thank you to those who donate. We gave a check for $315
(Oct/Nov) as well as food. Please give a non-perishable item at least once a month to help the
hungry. One can of soup or box of mac-n-cheese can be a meal for someone in need. The box is
located by the hallway exit.

MISSION FUND: Sunday School is collecting money for a special Mission Fund. Containers
are at both entrances. Please support them with a donation.

TITHES & OFFERING: Please devote yourself to giving in 4 ways:
1)On-line: through PayPal, found on
2) Venmo: search for @woodbridge, select “Pay or Request,” and enter offering amount.
3) Check: place in offering plate or send to Woodbridge UMC via mail.
4) Cash: place offering envelope in offering plate or in mail slot at parking lot side door

ALTAR FLOWERS:  honor or remember a loved one – Cost is $25. Sign-up sheet in hallway or call the office. Questions, please see Janet Ciravolo.

CHRISTMAS POINTSETTIA FLOWERS: If you ordered a Pointsettia flower, please take it after service tonight.

BIBLE READING CLUB: Congratulations if you have been following the Bible Reading Club. You have not completed reading the bible.