Sunday Highlights of Oct. 18, 2020

ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                  October 18, 2020

SUNDAY SERVICES / ON-LINE WORSHIP / HOLY COMMUNION: Out of an abundance of caution due to the virus, Church Worship services will continue to be held on-line on Zoom except for Communion Sunday (first Sunday of the month).

~ Communion Sunday will be held together at the church; to ensure social distancing, guidelines will be followed. The remainder of the month services will be held on Zoom. Communion Service will also be held on Zoom for those who wish to worship from home. We pray that by January, we may be able to worship weekly at church.


TITHES & OFFERING: Please continue to devote yourself to giving in three ways:

1) On-line: through PayPal. This can be found on website,

scroll down to the “giving” button on the bottom right. This will direct you to PayPal and you can then make your donation to the church.

2) Check: via us mail (pay to WUMC, send to 69 Main St. Woodbridge, NJ 07095)

3) Cash: please insert your envelope in the mail slot which is on the parking lot side door.

~ Windows Offering: although the windows are complete, please remember to continue your pledge offering.


ON-LINE CHARGE CONFERENCE: TODAY after service on zoom from 12:00–12:45pm will be the Charge Conference. All Church Officers should attend. You were mailed/emailed a copy of the reports, please refer to them during the conference.

~ Zoom link – / Meeting ID:  943 9169 1515

~ Dial-in Information:  (646) 876-9923


CONNECTION GROUP / ZOOM FELLOWSHIP: Connection Groups will now be held on the second Sunday of the month (Nov. 8) after service.

~ On the fourth Sunday of the month (Oct. 25) there will now be a Zoom Fellowship after service. You can remain on zoom for a time of fellowship all together.


ON-LINE YOUTH SNACK DAY: Youth Snack Day via Zoom will be held every other Saturday at 7pm. The next Youth Snack Day to be announced.