Sunday Highlights of January 12, 2020


DECORATIONS:  Thank you to all who helped in taking down the Christmas Decorations.

BISHOP’S CONVOCATION:  Pastor Lee will be attending the Bishop’s Convocation from Monday, Jan.13 to Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020 which will be held at the Ocean Place Resort in Long Branch. Please keep the Bishop’s Convocation in your prayers.


CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING will be held on Jan. 19, after fellowship. Please note  that all new elected Church Council members are expected to attend this first meeting.


2020 OFFERING ENVELOPES and CALENDARS:  The 2020 Offering Envelopes are located on the table at the front entrance of the Church. Please be sure to take them home. Church Calendars are located at both entrances.


CONNECTION GROUP LEADER’S MEETING will be held on Saturday, Feb.1, 10am at the round table room on the 2nd floor.


CONNECTION GROUP FELLOWSHIP will be held on Sunday, Feb.2, after service.


BIBLE READING CLUB: Beginning January 2020 we will be having a Bible Reading Club, no classes are necessary, you sign up and commit to reading the bible daily and will complete the bible in the year. You will receive a Daily Study Book to follow it up. Please see the sign-up sheet insert, and pray about finding the time to share with God and join.

(Cost of “Daily Study Book” is $5 ($10 for both books, “Daily Study Book” & “Pocket Prayers”)