EASTER SERVICE, Sunday, April 21, 2019

ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                               April 21, 2019

Jesus Christ our Lord is Risen, Alleluia!



We are happy you joined us today to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, on this Easter Sunday. The service will be followed by an Easter celebration with an International Luncheon. All are invited to attend. Thank you in advance for everyone who helped with set up and preparation for the Luncheon.


The church, especially the Sanctuary, is and should be a sermon about God; one that reveals a Great God. Our church is old, and in need of repairs. Please pray about this, and help with the transformation of the church for new windows and repairs. As God speaks to your heart, please fill out the pledge form and place your donation in the offering plate. This can be done by a donation, or in memory of a loved one.

*You can use the inserted “Building Fund Offering Envelope” to donate your church window offering.

EASTER FLOWERS: If you ordered flowers for Easter in memory of a loved one, please be sure to take them after service.

EASTER SERMON SERIES: This Easter Season Pastor Lee will be having a special three-week sermon series beginning today –What is Love?”  We will hear how this LOVE has power today to transform every aspect of our loves. Bring a friend or neighbor, as discover together that the resurrection still changes everything.

DAILY PRAYER TIME & BIBLE READING TIME:  The Prayer Time is at 9pm.  Everyone can be in prayer together. Praying together, we are strengthened and blessed. The Bible is one of our greatest sources of spiritual food; try to read your Bible daily.

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