Sunday Highlights of March 31, 2019

ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                                                                                                 March 31, 2019

YOUTH SUNDAY:  Today is Youth Sunday, and the youth will be participating in the Worship Service. We would like to thank Serene Samuel, Christian Ed Minister, and Sunday School teachers, for their organization and guidance and our Youth for their participation in the service. Also like to thank Serene Samuel for delivering God’s word in today’s sermon.


LENTEN BIBLE STUDY: A Lenten Study entitled “REHAP” will be held each Sunday until April 7, after fellowship time for approximately an hour long and will be met in the second-floor comfy room (old library). During the bible study, your children can have a fun time with playing ping pong at the activity room in the second floor. Lesson 1: Wilderness              Lesson 2: Intervention   Lesson 3: Program               Lesson 4: Recovery            Lesson 5: Promise



PALM AND PASSION SUNDAY – April 14         GOOD FRIDAY – April 19, 7pm

EASTER SUNDAY(followed by International Easter Luncheon) April 21, 10:30am


EASTER FLOWERS: If you would like to order flowers for Easter in memory of a loved one, please fill out form in bulletin. Deadline to order is April 14.


EASTER SERMON SERIES: This Easter Season Pastor Lee will be having a special three-week sermon series starting on Easter Sunday onWhat is Love?”  We will hear how this LOVE has power today to transform every aspect of our loves. Please be sure to join us for this three week series beginning on Easter. Bring a friend or neighbor, and we’ll discover together that the resurrection still changes everything.


REPLACEMENT OF WINDOWS AND UPGRADES TO CHURCH:  The church, especially the Sanctuary, is and should be a sermon about God; one that reveals a Great God. Our church is old, and in need of repairs. Please pray about this, and help with the transformation of UMC for new windows and repairs. As God speaks to your heart, please fill out the pledge form and place your donation in the offering plate. This can be done by a donation, or in memory of a loved one.


CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING:  April 14 (Palm Sunday) after fellowship time.